About Spa Caesar

in Caesarea, at the heart of a magical estate surrounded by a flourishing garden and bordering on a eucalyptus grove, far from the hustle, bustle and exhaust fumes of the city, and within walking distance from the beach, lies a luxurious sanctuary for body and soul. This temple is called the Caesar Spa – an exclusive, intimate, professional, and pampering spa. A spa just like the pleasure-seeking Roman emperors liked to enjoy.Caesar Spa offers the most complete and comprehensive recreation package possible, all under a single roof. A unique spa, a leader in its field, offering all the pleasures for individuals, couples, groups, lovers, partners, those seeking to get closer, those wishing to rest, those wishing to be happy, to make others happy, and especially for those interested in rejuvenation!!! These pilgrims have very few chores: upon entering they must shed their daily cares, wrap themselves in soft robes, and surrender to the serenity, to the silence, to the peaceful music playing in the background, to the air scented with thousands of aromas of incense and oils, to the streaming jets of the Jacuzzi, to the caress of the water in the pools, and to the steam in the dry sauna and the bathhouse (hamam).To surrender to the confident hands of the experienced therapists, to surrender to the touch, to the innermost voices of the mind and body wanting only one thing: to relax. Besides a Finnish sauna, pools and a Jacuzzi, those visiting the spa will be able to surrender their bodies to the warm air in the hamam and enjoy a peeling or a special treatment with a bunch of twigs to stimulate the blood flow, just like the treatment provided by slaves to the Roman aristocrats. Alongside the baths, the spa also offers a rich variety of treatments and massages based on ancient traditions, both western and eastern, and provided by experienced and professional therapists, from a quick neck, shoulders, back massage to Tai-Tzu, from hot stones to aromatic peeling. To complete the experience of rejuvenation, one can also enjoy the Hall of Beauty, which offers a variety of facials and beauty treatments using some of the world's best cosmetic products. Like being in an exciting, distant land, which is at the same time also a familiar and loving place, like being in a place from the past, which is at the same time also a place of tomorrow. A complex and multi-sensory experience that is both powerful and gentle, liberated and of uncompromising quality
The Caesar Spa staff wishes you a luxurious and magical stay

Phone. 04-6266669 E-mail spa@spa-pro.co.il Hamigdal St. Caeseria, Israel